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Servo Motor

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Allen Bradley Servo Motor & Allen Bradley Servo Amplifier

Price: 40000 INR/Piece

The servo motor families offer Smart Motor Technology to provide automatic identification of correct motor-to-drive connectivity, and seamlessly integrated with Kinetix® servo drive for optimal system performance Kinetix 350 Single-axis Kinetix 5500 EtherNet/IP Kinetix 2000 Low-Power Multi-axis Kinetix 6000 Multi-axis Kinetix 6000M Series Kinetix 6200 Series Kinetix 7000 Series Kinetix 5700 Series etc..

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Mitsubishi Servo motors - Servo Drivers

Price: 25000 INR/Piece

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC FA site introduces information of Drive Products in latest ... Mitsubishi servo has a variety kind of motors (Rotary, linear and direct drive motors) in order to achieve the best machine performance Available in Series : AC Servos-MELSERVO MR-J2S Series MR-J3 Series MR-J4 Series MR-JE Series MR-J2N Series HF Series-Motor HF-KP Series HC Series LM-F Series etc.. HK-KT Series · HK-ST Series · HG-KR Series · HG-MR Series · HG-SR Series · HG-JR Series · HG-RR Series · HG-UR Series · HG-AK Series · HG-KNSJ Series MR-J2S-11KA/B MR-J2S-15KA/B MR-J2S-22KA/B MR-J2S-11KA4/B4 MR-J2S-15KA4/B4 MR-J2S-22KA4/B4 Brake connector set for HC-SFS121B, 201B, 301B HC-SFS202B, 352B, 502B, 702B, 2024B, 3524B, 5024B, 7024B HC-SFS203B, 353B HC-LFS202B, 302B HA-LFS601B, 801B, 12K1B, 6014B, 8014B, 12K14B HA-LFS701MB, 11K1MB, 15K1MB, 701M4B, 11K1M4B, 15K1M4B HA-LFS11K2B, 15K2B, 22K2B, 11K24B, 15K24B, 22K24B HC-UFS202B, 352B, 502B Power supply connector set for HC-SFS121, 201, 301 HC-SFS202, 352, 502, 2024, 3524, 5024 HC-SFS203, 353 HC-LFS202, 302 HC-RFS353, 503 HA-LFS502 HC-UFS202, 352, 502 MR-J2S-10A MR-J2S-20A MR-J2S-40A MR-J2S-60A MR-J2S-70A MR-J2S-100A MR-J2S-200A MR-J2S-350A MR-J2S-500A MR-J2S-700A MR-J2S-11KA MR-J2S-15KA MR-J2S-22KA HC-SFS121 HC-SFS202 HC-SFS203 HC-UFS202 HC-RFS353 HC-SFS81 HC-SFS52 HC-SFS53 HC-RFS103 HC-UFS72

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Price: 10000 CAD ($)/Piece
  • Sealed Type:Packing seal
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Delivery Time:1-3 Week
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month